Team PC: The Real Pat Godkin, Executive Director

Today marks the beginning of a new series of blogs that highlight the great people that make up Team PC. Over and over again I’ve emphasized the strength of the PC Party is in its people. These people are energetic, engaged and integral to the evolution that we are experiencing from within the Party.

I’ve started with Pat Godkin, the Executive Director of the PCAA. Why? Well, in my opinion, she is one of our cornerstones. She is the muscle behind the success of events, the mastermind behind new communications initiatives, the face of the PCAA office, and someone who doesn’t get enough credit for all she does.

I watched Pat at the PC AGM and Convention a few weeks back. In a word – WOW! She didn’t stop … and she didn’t stop smiling. She met every potential event hiccup head-on with wisdom and grace. It was incredible to me. Pat went out of her way to connect with as many people as possible. And even took time to encourage me and thank me for my own volunteer work, even though she is the one truly deserving of this Party’s thanks.

She always replies to emails and voicemails. She is engaged with every member who reaches out to her. She is passionate about the PCAA – it shows in the way she talks and in her actions. Her eyes are full of fire – ready for an evolution. She is one of the key individuals ushering in the new era of the PC Party. She encourages everyone to speak up and get engaged. She fits volunteers with roles they will excel at which in turn makes the Party excel.

Pat has a heart for people and a heart for the PCAA.

Bolded below are a series of questions I asked Pat. Her answers are below.

Why did you originally get involved in the Party?

I was always interested in politics, but I gained a new appreciation for our system when I was working in the United Arab Emirates (seven absolute Monarchies) and in Bolivia  (where they had almost 200 military coups in about 150 years of independence). I was home on a holiday and the PCAA Executive Director, Marilyn Haley asked me if I would like to help out on a short term basis and I said “Sure!”. That was 13 years ago.

What keeps you involved?

Definitely the people. It’s wonderful to work alongside Premier Stelmach, Caucus and an amazingly diverse group of staff and volunteers. I think we all share the same commitment to ensuring we have the most stable and democratic government in North America. That never gets boring!

Favourite part about your role?

I love events, especially the Premier’s Dinners and the AGM & Convention. After 13 years I still haven’t met everyone! It’s so much fun to finally put a face on someone you have been speaking with for several years on the phone or by email.

Your goal in your role? 

To elect 87 PC MLAs in 2012! Hey, it could happen! Also, I want to continue to embrace new ideas and technologies, without leaving anyone behind.

Favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Waking up without an alarm clock. After I roll out of bed I usually do some yoga, meditation and then start reading political blogs. It helps to start off zen 🙂

Favourite thing about politics?

I like feeling part of something bigger than myself. Love being part of the team.

Highlight of AGM?

I thought the President’s Luncheon with the Premier was awesome. People were really engaged and positive. It felt like a love fest for the Premier. It was a great way to kick off the event.

What did you do the day after AGM?

Drove home and packed for Cabo.  I highly recommend it. 🙂

Big thanks to Pat for taking time to answer these questions, so honestly and with such enthusiasm.

This is one of the many people that make me proud to be a PC and keep me so excited about the future of the PC Party.

CR xo

11 thoughts on “Team PC: The Real Pat Godkin, Executive Director

  1. Glen, your question misses the point of the blog. This post was written to highlight the great people that make up the Alberta PC Party, because our strength as a Party is in our people.

    Pat Godkin is one of the great leaders in the PC Party who has dedicated her life towards making Alberta the amazing place we all enjoy living in and proudly call home. She gets asked very difficult questions every single day and she answers these questions with a great deal of skill and grace.

    We want to highlight another side of the PC Party – the humanistic side, which Pat Godkin represents so very well for us.

    Stay tuned for more posts about the people behind the Party. Because we are, afterall, caring, compassionate Albertans who want the best for the people in this province.

    Thank you Pat for all you do. Since you started as the Party’s Executive Director, all PC members have seen a benefit. You are great – keep up the good work!


  2. Pat is fantastic, I got to know her over the past year as we worked together to plan the most recent AGM & Convention. Like someone pointed out her contributions and dedication to our party vastly outweigh her publicity.

    Thank you Pat for everything you do!

  3. Oh my! Thank you Christina (and Josh/PP) for your kind words and YOUR enthusiasm. I love your approach and look forward to reading your next profile!

  4. This post represents what is wrong with the PC Party: inward looking and out of touch. The public doesn’t care about PC party insiders and what they like to do on their weekends, or that they went to Cabo on vacation. The public cares about ideas, policies, vision.. these are the things that really matter. Why not post about something substantial and relevant if you are trying to help the PC image?

    1. Dave, the PC Party is strong because of the people who give their dedication and time. I don’t think there is anything wrong with highlighting their great work and leadership. While i agree that the public cares about ideas, policies and vision; I also think people want to know that there are good caring people behind the scenes working hard to get the job done.

      This blog will highlight some of these people, but it will also follow the PC evolution through the changing political times. Stay tuned …


  5. I liked your post. Ideas, policies and vision are only as good as their people. The key to making Alberta the best place in the world to live is through relationships … and to build strong relationships you have to take the time to get to know the people behind the ideas, policies and vision. So kudos and thanks for sharing some insight into the people who make up the PC party.

    1. Wow really Calgary Albertan? You have the nerve to compare this blog to the Nazi Propaganda Minister? We are proud of people in our party and we aren’t afraid to show that.

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