Happy New Year Friends

(another PCinYYC collaboration … @crontynen’s text in italics)

Tomorrow marks my second anniversary as a Calgarian and I can officially say that I have found my home.  Moving to a new city and/or province is a frightening but liberating experience – one can start fresh, meet new people and reinvent oneself.

Tomorrow marks my … well it doesn’t mark much for me except a new exciting year. I am actually really excited about 2011 – personally for many reasons, professionally for many reasons, and politically for many reasons. I am especially excited to be part of the PCAA as we begin to embark on the largest consultation of Albertans in PCAA history. I am excited that anyone who is part of the party can be involved in any way, shape, or form with this process – all you have to is speak up and ask to be involved. There is a place for everyone … just like there is a place for everyone in this great province.

While a lot has changed for me personally over the past two years one thing has stayed the same; I left Edmonton as a PC and remain a PC in YYC.  As I have said before what I love about the PC Party are all the great people.  When I moved here I was welcomed with open arms by PCs of all ages, races and levels of engagement.  Since then, the PCs have encouraged me to speak up and get involved – it’s been a wonderful experience with so many passionate and caring individuals.  I have hundreds of new friends, not just in Calgary but around the province, and I now consider many of them my family!

Spending time together door knocking, encouraging one another, developing policy, drinking brewskis, laughing, …crying, and strategizing. All with the aims to move the PCAA in to the future – the evolution of the PCAA.

As my readers know, I’m now the President of the Calgary Foothills PC Association, which supports one of the nicest individuals in the Alberta Legislature – Len Webber.  The Calgary Foothills Board is made up of people who have belonged to the PC Party since it came to power, as well as members who have just joined a political party for the first time in their lives this year.  The Board consist of people from all walks of life – they are a true representation of northwest Calgary. As President I am proud of that, and I strive to maintain that on the Board. I also advocate and am passionate about new Canadians and inclusiveness – within the PCAA and in our province.

I am passionate about inclusiveness too – especially of the youth. It is so important to get the young people of Alberta involved in meaningful ways.

As 2010 comes to a close, I want to thank the people in the PCAA for making me feel so at home in Calgary.  I would also like to thank the amazing people on the Calgary Foothills PC Association Board for allowing me to be your President.

I would also like to thank the PCAA. I still can’t believe how they honoured me this year and encouraged me. The past year has been a whirlwind in this party and it means so much to me that they were watching this young woman and constantly reminded me to speak up and share my ideas for a better and brighter Alberta – even if those ideas were considered new to the PCAA.

For all the people moving within or to Alberta in 2011; I recommend getting involved with the Alberta PC Party – we are welcoming, caring and inclusive – despite what people from other political parties want you to believe.  Our gatherings are positive; our people are caring and compassionate; and our politicians are so much fun!

And don’t get us started on how fun we are … and you’ll find us at most PCAA events. Happy New Years Friends!

PP and CR

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year Friends

  1. What utter nonsense. Congratulations, you have the most banal, self-important and irrelevant political blog around.

    And 2011 will go down as the year your beloved PC party breathed its last. Fortunately, we have you two to capture it all with drivel like this. Enjoy turning out the lights!

    1. Thanks for your comments Chuck.

      You may characterize our experiences as PC Members as irrelevant, but we will continue to share them proudly. We have included “PC” in the title of our blog – what you can expect to read about is fairly obvious. Don’t read it if you find it offensive. Having said that, your comments are also always welcome – your point of view is just as relevant as ours.


  2. The PC is about inclusiveness? HA! Inclusive to anyone assuming *they* adhere to *your* ideology.

    What tripe. Even the Wildrose sounds more appealing than the PC.

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