5 thoughts on “Huge, Gigantic, Enormous Engagement

  1. Many thanks for agreeing to take part in this exciting process. Like you, I was thrilled to see the mix of old and new, youthful and ummm my age 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to write about it on your blog. Blogs/twitter will play a crucial role in recruiting people AND keeping them engaged in the process. You’re awesome. That’s all. Best wishes, Pat

  2. Sounds Great! I live in Calgary Buffalo and am especially interested in health policy. I’ve been a supporter of PC Alberta since Peter Lougheed became our premier in 1971 – he helped us access long term care services for our younger daughter who was born with a serious genetic disorder. Today, at the lovely age of seventy-one, I want to be a part of the planning and policy-making process. I want everyone who needs long term care to enjoy quality living similar to what Karen Lea (age forty-six) enjoys at Scenic Bow Place in northwest Calgary.

  3. This sounds like a great idea! I would love to participate. Do I have to buy a membership before I can join in on the discussion or is this open to regular Albertans? Please let me know and thanks again for taking on this initiative.

    1. You bet it is open to all Albertans Mike! The PC Party is really excited about the initiative. What constituency do you belong to – I can make sure you get the details when engagement in your area ramps up.

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