Old School Politics

I was at the Throne Speech yesterday and now feel the need to write a blog about something that really bothers me – the way some people act around a leadership contest – old school politics.

It is no secret that I am a Doug Griffiths supporter.

So, let me start by expressing my deep appreciation for people in the Alison Redford camp and for Alison – from what I saw yesterday, they get it.  We were all friends who respected each other immensely before and the fact that we are supporting different candidates during the leadership race doesn’t change a thing.

I had a great chat with Ted Morton and a few of his supporters yesterday.  We discussed the importance of uniting the PC Party and strengthening the brand – Ted gets it too.

I am disappointed by how some other people acted towards me yesterday – people who I have even vacationed with could barely say hello.  Those who did were all about key messages and no real social interaction.  That mentality will divide the Party.  I was told several times that I need to support particular candidates because they are the only person who can win this race and that is why we need to get behind them.

I’m sorry folks, but that is the old school politics that people are tired of!  I WILL NOT support someone because people tell me they are the only person who can win – I WILL support Doug Griffiths because, to me, he represents the future of Alberta and the kind of province I want to help build.

What bothered me even more were the rumors some people tried to float by me – things that have no factual base – downright lies.  These people should focus on the policies that will shape the future of our great province instead of acting like immature children – It’s so tiring.

During the Dinning run, these same tactics were used to pressure people into supporting Jim – and he lost.  Jim Dinning is an amazing man who would have made a great Premier – unfortunately for him, some of the people who made up his team completely turned people off with their old school political tactics.  I saw yesterday that similar tactics are already being used by some folks this time around and it’s tiring.  Frankly, it didn’t work last time and I’m confident it will fail again. These old school politics do not interest me, and do not interest the majority of Albertans.

If you are a PC who is being pressured into supporting a candidate because people tell you they are the only person who can win, please take a step back. That is not what the PC Party is about. Think about the future of Alberta and our future as a party.  Support the person who you think will be the best leader, the best person who can stand up against the opposition, or the person who presents the best vision for Alberta in your mind.  This was pointed out to me yesterday by a few people who get it.

Make a positive choice – don’t worry about the pressure, the baseless rumors or the threats – they are empty and meaningless and represent the politics of yesterday – a blast from the past.

Everyone has their reasons for supporting various leadership contenders. An important discussion we’ve had time and time again during our meetings for the Doug Griffiths campaign is that we will never question reasoning for choosing a candidate or disrespect another candidate. We are all on the same team and are all fighting towards the same goal – building a better Alberta together and strengthening the PC Party brand.

Let’s not forget that!

One thing that was clear yesterday at the Throne Speech was that it is an exciting time in Alberta! See you on the campaign trail.


6 thoughts on “Old School Politics

  1. Please let C know your plans to play nice and ” not disrespect other candidates” . Quoted from her twitter.
    “so true! time for change! RT @mojave62: IMHO @griffMLA is only announced cdate so far who isn’t “same old, same old”… #pcaa #ableg #yeg
    12:08 PM Feb 15th via TweetDeck

  2. Well said Peter. This isn’t the school yard sandbox. I’ll vote for whomever I bloody well want to and no one better try and tell me otherwise. Those who think they have the right to condemn others for making a free choice need to get over themselves already and work on their manners while they’re at it. I too am supporting Doug Griffiths in building a better Alberta and am proud to say so.

    Also, to all those tragically trapped in the old school political mindset of the last millennium: Welcome to 21st Century Politics.

  3. Thanks for your note Karen – she may have to be spanked for being bad :). While she could have chosen different words, she was excited about Doug announcing. He is a new and fresh candidate and someone she is very passionate about. We will keep it on the up and up. Thanks again for your comment!


  4. I’ve been hearing from different sources about people being admonished for their choice of leadership candidate and I think it’s really sad, to say the least. People should be proud to support their candidate of choice and respect the choices of others. I should have said it in these words. Sorry for my bluntness in my earlier comment.

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