Inspired by Calgary Centre MP

With a spring federal election upon us I was reminded of a blog I wrote about Calgary-Centre MP Lee Richardson last March; on March 30, 2010 I blogged about Lee’s visit to the University of Calgary Campus Conservative Association and his inspiring conversation with the students.

Although I won’t be getting involved in any sort of significant way in the federal election I will be remaining engaged and informed about the candidates, the race itself and the issues. There is often an attitude surrounding federal elections in Alberta – one of apathy and disinterest. I challenge you to think differently this time around.

Lee Richardson’s visit to the University of Calgary last year was an unforgettable moment for me. I really did leave inspired – and I still tell the story of Lee coming in and sharing with the students in a casual and personal way. I had never experienced a politician coming to deliver a speech and then moving the chairs into a circle, sitting down and engaging with students. It was simple and genuine. It was exactly what the students needed and it perfectly exemplified what Lee was all about. Lee is about real connections with real people. Those people are young, old, engaged or political newborns.

He is a fantastic representative of Calgary and is a reason why I will vote CPC in the May election.

Whatever your reasons, get engaged and get out to vote. Your opinion matters. Inspiring individuals that give all Albertans their time the way Lee does deserve at least a bit of your attention.

Happy #elxn41!

CR xo

On March 26 the UCCCA hosted MP Lee Richardson for an afternoon of casual conversation and light refreshments. As our conversation with him began it became clear why he was the perfect choice to come speak to university students – he was encouraging, inspiring and reminded all of us that the future ahead of each of us is what we choose to make it.

I sat fascinated by his stories about his time at the University of Calgary – his time in the Conservative Association, attending his first national convention, and his role on the Students’ Union as a strong conservative voice. His journey continued in politics as a young adult. I won’t forget the moment he said “…and then I turned 24”; I had to laugh because at that point in his life he already seemed to have a lifetime worth of accomplishments. But, lucky for us, he continued on to become a highly respected advisor to top politicians, and a powerful voice for Calgarians as an elected Member of Parliament.

I am so glad Mr. Richardson could come to share with us – walking away encouraged is what I believe these events should be about. That is why I love my role in the UCCCA.

If we learned anything from Mr. Richardson it was to keep following our dreams and never give up on what we believe in. I’m excited about the possibilities that are ahead of all UCCCA members.

Thanks for inspiring all of us Lee!

UCCCA President

Cross Posted on March 30, 2010

2 thoughts on “Inspired by Calgary Centre MP

    1. Thanks for your comment Jack. No – the UofC Conservative Club hosts many politicans each year. Check out their website’s blog section. During my term as president there I blogged about most of the ones who visited or that we had the opportunity to meet. Lee was a particularly memorable special event for the UCCCA!

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