3 thoughts on “Alison Redford: Great Leaders Expect Greatness

  1. First you were a distructive backroom mouthpiece for Merit shop open contractor collusion( bringing in thousands of temporary foreign replacement wokers, lowering wages and benefits and pensions for all workers, lowering Alberta apprenticeship qualifications to royally screw Alberta young workers). How do you sleep at night knowing all the lives you have wrecked!
    Now you are a mouthpiece backroom lobbiest for big oil ( bringing in thousands of temporary foreign replacement workers, growing merit and clac.

    1. Brent – prove to me that temporary foreign workers are less expensive than permanent workers and I will give your ignorant comments further consideration. Your propaganda is so heavy on rhetoric and so light on fact its actually amusing to me. Your closed shop monopolies are a bad option for workers, who choose to work for Merit or Clac firms becasue they like to have a direct relationship with thier employers and do not appreciate being dictated to by top down, top heavy paternalistic building trade unions. They also prefer to keep their money in their pockets rather than lining the pockets of their union boses. You are just bitter because when competition is introduced, construciton workers overwhelmingly choose open shop.

      How do I sleep at night? Like a baby – especially knowing that the work I do gives individual construction workers REAL options when it comes to working open or closed shop. The fact that the majority chooses to work open shop makes me sleep with a smile on my face. Instead of attacking Merit and CLAC, you should look in a miiror and ask why people are choosing NOT to work union when given the options!’


  2. Keep on speaking out. You have to get the people off thir couches and tell them why a vote for Mar will be chaos for the P.C.Party

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