Stay Bold Stephen Carter and make us Proud!

I found the Sun’s cover and story, as well as the Wildrose Party’s criticism of Stephen Carter today cheap and dirty – a vindictive smear campaign aimed at discrediting him on his first week of his new job.  While Stephen Carter’s business ran into major financial trouble a few years ago, this is a story that has been published many times before.  The details of his previous financial troubles are very well known.  He has spoken to media about it several times and it’s definitely something he wishes didn’t happen.

But here’s the thing – unfortunately, insolvency and bankruptcy is a part of business.  It’s not pleasant and nobody ever wants it to happen, but it does.  In 2010, there were over 140,000 Insolvencies across Canada.  So it doesn’t only happen, it happens relatively frequently. Carter’s company didn’t pay its creditors because his largest client didn’t pay him.  He got stuck and had to walk away.  Furthermore, Carter’s company owes the amount he got sued for, not how much he actually owed his creditors. He didn’t fight the law suits because he didn’t have the money to.  It sucks, but it happens.

The Sun’s headline “Chief of Stiff” is VERY rich coming from that newspaper, since its parent company Quebecor actually went bankrupt themselves in 2008 and owed nearly $1 Billion.  They filed for Bankruptcy in the US and protection under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act here in Canada.

Stephen Carter’s real story is of man who took some chances in his life and ran into a problem, then picked himself up and proved to the world that he is capable and worthy.  I mentioned Carter’s story to one of my tenants this afternoon and his reaction is one I believe most Albertans would have. My tenant believed that the fact that Carter picked himself up so quickly and stood back up so impressively speaks volumes about his character and the job he will do for this province. Carter’s story is actually quite an impressive one. It’s the story of a man who refused to stay down.  It’s the story about the Alberta way – where risk is good and where hard work and determination will eventually pay off.

I know very few people in this world who are as driven and determined, yet humble and kind as Stephen Carter.  He has leadership capabilities that many dream to have and he is a brilliant strategic thinker.  Some members of the Wildrose Party who have been the quickest to criticize him for their own personal gain are jealous cowards who prefer to throw grenades from the cheap seats rather than risk to be better themselves.

As a senior political staffer, Carter will have to meet with the Ethics Commissioner to discuss how this matter affects his position – I’m confident it won’t have an impact.  Stephen Cater as Chief of Staff to the Premier is an excellent appointment by Premier Redford.  After masterminding the campaigns behind both Mayor Nenshi and Premier Redford, the two biggest electoral upsets in Alberta’s recent history, he has proven himself more than anybody ever imagined possible.

Albertan will evaluate both Stephen Carter and Premier Redford on what they do for Alberta between now and the next election.  As proven time and time again, opposition parties and media rarely get it right in this province and I’m confident Stephen Carter will prove them all wrong once more.

Stay bold my friend – and continue to make us proud!


6 thoughts on “Stay Bold Stephen Carter and make us Proud!

  1. Hi Peter,

    I think it is a bit of a stretch (and disingenuous) to make it sound like the Sun and Wildrose were in cahoots together on a vindictive smear campaign.

    The story was first printed the day prior in the Globe and Mail. And even Tweeted days before that. The Sun simply picked up on it and sought quotes from the Wildrose.

    The media chose to reopen this wound; not the Wildrose. Did some supporters poke at the wound? Absolutely they did, by tweeting and re-tweeting the links. Personally, I don’t agree with their actions. I know Carter and I feel for him in this situation.

    This is not unlike what happened during the summer when there were articles being written about the WRP on things that had happened months prior. The media got some new quotes and reopened the can of worms. If I recall correctly you and many of your supporters were also quick to tweet and re-tweet the disastrous headlines.

    What I’m trying to say is; everyone is human. Unfortunately in the age of Twitter they often act before thinking.

    Jane M.

  2. The fact WRP, via the Sun, would damn Carter for life for a business failure — something EVERYBODY should experience — exposes not only their continuing moral decline, but an abandonment of the free market philosophy they pretend to espouse.

  3. Well done!
    Stephen Carter is a good man who has had honourable intentions and took risks. Sometimes things do not work out as planned, but, this is not a guy who tried to hide!

    He has been transparent and upfront all the way with Danielle and Alison. Yes, sometimes we blow it and that is OK.

    He is doing the best he can to make a difference and in my mind pay it forward for any transgressions.

    Forgiveness is tough, I know. Alberta is better because of Stephen Carter.

  4. I think it speaks volumes when voices from all across the political spectrum are willing to come to a person’s defense. Having created businesses myself, it is integral that we can fail without a lifetime of consequence. The one comment I will add to Jane’s is that, unlike the Globe article, nowhere in either the Sun “news” article or Rick Bell’s diatribe do any version of the words “insolvent” or “bankruptcy” appear. Possibly because they’re lacking from their vocabulary. One can only hope their management corrects their moral bankruptcy before they are forced financial bankruptcy.

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