5 thoughts on “Party Emails: A tale of rallying the troops

  1. This was my comment (Alberta Party Prez):
    Some Albertans will today feel satisfiedto see the resignation of former premier, Alison Redford. Others will feel vindicated in some form or other that their criticisms have forced out a politician who abused the public trust. Still other Albertans will feel sad that all the hope Ms Redford brought to Alberta politics came to nothing.

    To me, this resignation brings with mixed emotions. Ms Redford’s resignation was necessary. She came to the Alberta stage with great promise and many thought she might be the premier to lead us into a new generation of Alberta politics. She promised openness and transparency and a new relationship with frontline workers. Alberta got none of that, and she became an example of the worst abuses of privilege.

    The PC Party and Ms Redford’s former caucus are now running from their former leader as fast as they can. They are anxious to pin all the political failures of the last two years on Ms Redford. But the fact is that the caucus of 50 MLAs who now support Jim Prentice were all present during the abuses of trust that happened over the last two years.

    The failures of the PC government to satisfy the aspirations of Albertans cannot be foisted entirely on one person, as hard as the PCs may try. For nearly two years, they argued in the assembly, supported Ms Redford on TV and radio and pushed their agenda on Albertans.

    Ms Redford may have finally accepted her responsibility. It would be nice if the rest of her caucus had the courage to step up and shoulder their share of blame about party’s floundering.

    William Munsey
    Alberta Party

  2. “Two political parties occupying the right side of the political spectrum”. I sure hope that you meant the Wildrose Party and the Social Credit Party – because saying that the PC Party is on the right is like saying Alison Redford is an honest, respectable person.

  3. Happy to share the email I’ve received. I was unable to copy links into this comment, but they were included in the original email.
    The Alberta Party is irate about the Auditor General’s Report released yesterday. The report finds that government aircraft were used inappropriately for personal and for partisan purposes. The cost of those services is shown to be $3.9 million over the cost that could have been incurred using commercial airline services and driving.
    While we faced inaction (or worse, cuts) on the important issues of health care, education and the environment, the people we elected to protect us and ensure that we have these crucial services, enjoyed costly benefits to their party and to themselves personally on our tax dollars.

    This is unacceptable.

    The PC party is bent on blaming former premier Alison Redford for the whole mess but it defies logic to think that not one person in her caucus or cabinet knew about the problems in her government. Yet they did nothing about it. They failed to meet their most basic obligation to protect the interests of Albertans.

    This problem is not the work of one person, but the PC party would like to convince you that it is. That way, maybe you will believe that the PC party is fine and should still govern.

    As Albertans, we are smarter than that. We deserve so much better!

    With Alison Redford’s resignation we know there will be a by-election in Calgary-Elbow sometime soon. Help us get ready for this critical moment for the Alberta Party by signing up to volunteer or making a donation to the Alberta Party.

    The Alberta Party will continue to raise our collective voice to call for an end to the rampant entitlement and disturbing lack of respect for Albertans that this government and this party have shown for so long. We issued media releases on Aug 6, and Aug 7, and will continue to push for real change in Alberta politics.

    We urge you to use your voice and your vote to tell the PC Party that enough is enough!

    Alberta Party

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