1 Drunk Driver 3 Tragic Deaths

1 Drunk Driver 3 Tragic Deaths

My friend Zane Novak wrote the post below on his facebook page. I share it here with his permission with the hope that it will be shared widely. DON’T Drink and Drive or drive high and make sure to hug your loved ones every day. Zane’s words below:

After much pondering I have decided to write a post today, Nov 26th, 2016. I hope that all of my friends will read this and share it. Maybe out of the worst tragedy in my life, something good can happen. Many of you know this story, but please read it again and remember.
5 years ago at 8 AM, the RCMP knocked on my door and within
2 minutes and 4 sentences informed me that my 18 yr old son Kole Novak, his best friend Bradley Arsenault and my daughter’s 22 yr old boyfriend Thaddeus Lake were all killed by a drunk driver a few short hours earlier.

Mine and Karmia Novak‘s lives were forever changed and not for the better. Nothing will ever come close to being the same for me. Don’t tell me everything happens for a reason. No reason exists in this world that justifies Kole dying.

A drunk driver with a blood alcohol content of .251 driving a one ton truck at 200 kmph in a 70 km zone drove right through the car my son and Thad and Brad were in, killing them. The drunk broke his leg, that’s it.

He never apologized, never took responsibility, in fact he plead NOT GUILTY and so drug us all through the court process for an additional 3 years of hell.

If you, my Facebook friend, at all appreciate me, respect me, or if you appreciate and respect your friends, SHARE THIS POST. Don’t drink and drive, don’t let your friends do it either.

Don’t think you can drink or blaze and be safe behind the wheel of a 3,000 pound weapon.

My amazing, talented son Kole Novak is dead and I will forever be broken, and don’t for a moment think that it can’t happen to you. That you won’t hurt some one if you drive impaired by alcohol or drugs and don’t think that you will always return home safe.

People make selfish choices and the rest of us pay an unimaginable price.
I will never ever be the man, the father, the person I was.

Before you take your first drink or puff, make a plan.

Please share this. Let’s save a life. Every day 4 Canadians die and over 200 are injured due to impaired drivers.

Don’t let Kole’s death mean even less, I beg you please.


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