Typical PCinYYC

Our relationship started over politics and our interest in people. We quickly realized we were able to challenge one another, encourage one another, and connect all within the same conversation. Our days are spent raising our twin boys, running CIPR Communications together and waking our dogs, Hugo and Max, by the Bow River, talking about parenting, business, politics, cooking, exploring (life and the great outdoors), and living every minute like it’s the last. Our passion is what drew us together and keeps us strong – passion for one another, for the routine of the day to day, the spontaneity of life, and for creating change.

We are PCinYYC – ‘Peter and Christina in Calgary’ and we are truly living what it means to have ‘Two Babies and a Business’.

Excited to share our days with you … we’re busy at night.

We hope to engage you, enlighten you, challenge you, and even meet you for a beer.

Update: On May 11, 2012 P asked C to marry him! She said yes.

Update: On March 23, 2013 PP and CR became PP and CP! Amazing weekend celebrating in Canmore.

Update: On September 13, 2016 PP and CP became PP, CP, JP, and BP. This family of four is a dream come true.