1 Drunk Driver 3 Tragic Deaths

1 Drunk Driver 3 Tragic Deaths

My friend Zane Novak wrote the post below on his facebook page. I share it here with his permission with the hope that it will be shared widely. DON’T Drink and Drive or drive high and make sure to hug your loved ones every day. Zane’s words below:

After much pondering I have decided to write a post today, Nov 26th, 2016. I hope that all of my friends will read this and share it. Maybe out of the worst tragedy in my life, something good can happen. Many of you know this story, but please read it again and remember.
5 years ago at 8 AM, the RCMP knocked on my door and within
2 minutes and 4 sentences informed me that my 18 yr old son Kole Novak, his best friend Bradley Arsenault and my daughter’s 22 yr old boyfriend Thaddeus Lake were all killed by a drunk driver a few short hours earlier.

Mine and Karmia Novak‘s lives were forever changed and not for the better. Nothing will ever come close to being the same for me. Don’t tell me everything happens for a reason. No reason exists in this world that justifies Kole dying.

A drunk driver with a blood alcohol content of .251 driving a one ton truck at 200 kmph in a 70 km zone drove right through the car my son and Thad and Brad were in, killing them. The drunk broke his leg, that’s it.

He never apologized, never took responsibility, in fact he plead NOT GUILTY and so drug us all through the court process for an additional 3 years of hell.

If you, my Facebook friend, at all appreciate me, respect me, or if you appreciate and respect your friends, SHARE THIS POST. Don’t drink and drive, don’t let your friends do it either.

Don’t think you can drink or blaze and be safe behind the wheel of a 3,000 pound weapon.

My amazing, talented son Kole Novak is dead and I will forever be broken, and don’t for a moment think that it can’t happen to you. That you won’t hurt some one if you drive impaired by alcohol or drugs and don’t think that you will always return home safe.

People make selfish choices and the rest of us pay an unimaginable price.
I will never ever be the man, the father, the person I was.

Before you take your first drink or puff, make a plan.

Please share this. Let’s save a life. Every day 4 Canadians die and over 200 are injured due to impaired drivers.

Don’t let Kole’s death mean even less, I beg you please.


Is Matching Personality to Money Earning Approach the Key to Long Term Career Happiness?

Is Matching Personality to Money Earning Approach the Key to Long Term Career Happiness?

Understanding your personality could be the key to finding a career that makes you happy in the long term. It seems so obvious, but here I am at 37 just figuring it out.

On the face of it, I’ve had a very successful career. I have received a very good and growing paycheque and I’ve progressed in title from one job to another. When I became unhappy at one steady paying job, I’ve been able to find a different one with a bigger title and large paycheque. So why do I constantly find myself unfulfilled, unhappy and asking myself “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

I recently stumbled upon a realization – that I’ve been asking the wrong question!

Rather than asking what I want to be or do, perhaps I should have been asking how I want to earn a paycheque. The answer to this question, one has to look at their personality and their values.

What I value more than anything in the world is individual freedom. Based on my favorite personality indicator test, the enneagram, I am a seven, which is often called an enthusiast. The seven personality can be described as spontaneous and versatile, preferring a wide range of experiences and variety. We get bored easily, are quick learners and move seamlessly from one activity to the next.

Based on the characteristics above, is it any wonder why my safe, steady paying jobs have resulted in me being unhappy? New experiences and constant variety are my jam, yet I’ve chased the safe and steady paycheque – the alluring money trap, which sucks you in and forces you to settle and the fear that stops you from taking the risks necessary to find your true calling.

The reason I say that I’ve stumbled upon this realization recently is because I’ve been helping my wife with her business – she has been busy being pregnant and bringing our twin boys into the world. She (with my help) has a Public Relations and Digital Communications company, CIPR Communications. As opposed to earning a stable paycheque month in, month out, she has to constantly find new clients and earn her living one contract and one satisfied customer at a time.

Working with her has opened my eyes to the fact that I’ve been going about earning a living in a way that is inconsistent with my personality and the things I value most.

In the past few days, I’ve changed the relationship with the company I’ve been engaged with on a “full time basis”. They are now a client of CIPR Communications, which gives me the freedom to work on other projects with other clients – this small but important change makes me feel so liberated and happy I can hardly contain myself!

I’m excited to find other clients to keep me engaged and to give me the variety I seek as a seven-personality type. While I will no doubt make less money in the short term since my engagement with my current company will not be full time, I am confident that the money will come in the long run and I know that the thrill of the chase for new clients will keep me excited and motivated.

Because I like a variety of experiences and people, I have also started working towards a real estate license. This will bring together my ongoing and long term passion for real estate (I’ve owed, renovated, flipped and rented several houses in my short adult life) with my need for constant variety and change (many clients, many houses, many interesting twists and turns around each deal). Between helping my wife with her communications clients (I also like to write, be strategic and creative) and helping my own future clients buy and sell their homes, I’m confident that I will finally get to a place where my method of earning a living matches my personality!

Are you happy in your career? Does your method of earning a paycheque match your personality? If not, I encourage you to find the courage to try something completely different – you might be surprised by the result!


Top 5 Twin Parent Survival Tips

Top 5 Twin Parent Survival Tips

Christina and I are over 2 months into being twin parents and although our social media posts are all sunshine and lollypops, this adventure has been much more challenging than either of us had been prepared for. We’ve enjoyed it a lot so far and we look forward to many more weeks, months and years of great learning and fun ahead.  Here are my top 5 tips for getting through the first 2 months:

  1. Team Work Makes the Dream Work: Guys, your wife didn’t get pregnant without you and she shouldn’t have to be on her own with feeding and caring for your new bundles of joy. I’ve noticed an attitude amongst some male friends I’ve talked to who have suggested that I should leave at every opportunity possible to get some space and take a breath. I call bullshit. Christina and I are lucky because we both work from home and we have a lot of flexibility in our schedules, so we have been able to share feeding shifts, give one another breaks and work together. Raising twins is VERY hard physically, mentally and emotionally and it has to be a team effort if everyone is to come out the other side feeling satisfied with the experience and emotionally and physically sound.
  1. Pumping and Formula: This relates to point 1. Christina has been pumping breastmilk into bottles and we have been feeding our boys using a combination of milk directly from the breast, as well as from bottles. We have also used formula a few times where necessary due to circumstances. This has largely worked well for us – it allows me to take on some feedings, giving mom a needed break. We have generally split the nights up where Christina feeds at 11 PM and 2 AM and I feed at 5 AM and 8 AM. We also sleep separately in different parts of the house. This allows each of us to get a solid 6 hours of sleep per night, although mom does have to get up to pump – but being up for 10-15 minutes is better than over an hour, which is how long it takes to get both babies fed.
  1. Clean Whole Food: We have learned that what mom eats impacts babies drastically and we have had to learn through trial and error which foods are ok and which are not. Obviously, every baby is different and there are no hard and fast rules, but generally, dairy and processed foods have not worked well for our boys. Too many spices are also not great. One big lesson we learned quickly is that Whey protein shakes (powder) is a very terrible idea!! How do you know if a food doesn’t work? Diaper blow outs … you will know what I’m talking about when you see them – trust me. After learning the hard way, we have stuck with good healthy whole food and we have been able to avoid the blowouts. Keep it simple, fresh and healthy and you will have much better nights!
  1. Take the Help: As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child … and it takes as much help as possible to raise twins. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many friends and family members have reached out to help, dropped off food, came over with warn meals, clothes, etc. People have been extremely generous with their time and I cannot say thank you enough to every single person for what they have done to support us. Your network will reach out and ask how they can help and you should have a list of ways that they can help ready. Don’t be shy or coy about this – people are genuine about their desire to help you and you should take them up on their offer.
  1. Keep on Living: Christina and I decided that we would not let having twins stop us from doing the things we love to do. In their short 2 months of life, our boys have joined us for 5 holes of golf, attended a political conference in a different city, travelled with us on a business trip to Kamloops (where we are now) and joined us for a walk with the dogs almost every day. This has in no way been easy, but every time we get out, it gets easier. Be realistic about your ventures out of the house and be flexible as your babies may have different ideas. But get out. To do the things we have done, we have had to pump in the car, change diapers in the middle of a walk, etc and we have only been able to do things for very short stints at a time. This has allowed us to keep our sanity and to build confidence. Having babies doesn’t mean your life is over – keep on living and learn how to adjust – everyone in the family will be better for it.


On Self Doubt: Blogging again – because I want to!

On Self Doubt: Blogging again – because I want to!

The human brain has an incredible capacity for innovation, inspiration and greatness; It can also cripple those who appear strong on the outside with intense feelings of self doubt and a shattered confidence on the inside. For the last year, I have been struggling with the latter. I have talked myself out of acting on so many ideas its embarrassing for me to admit. Blogging is just one of those ideas.

Christina and I stopped writing our blog a few years ago mostly because of me. We were writing a lot about politics at the time and I was becoming negative. I didn’t like that – I am usually very positive and I wanted to get back to my true self.

We totally stepped away from politics for a while. I finally took and completed my Executive MBA, an achievement I’m proud of. I quit a high paying and relatively easy job as Vice President with Merit Contractors Association; I was getting negative in that job as well because I was lobbying government for changes I believe strongly in and I was fighting with a lot of people. I wanted to stop fighting.

Christina and I recently welcomed beautiful twin boys into the world and we are now trying to make a living though our company, CIPR Communications – its been going fairly well, but I’ve doubted myself a lot in the transition from employee to entrepreneur. Its been difficult

My life is completely different now than it was then. In many ways, its so much better but in some ways, its worse. That damned self doubt and lack of confidence seems to have crept into my life and it has stopped me from acting on many of the things I dream about achieving and want in my life.

So strange the human mind – the internal battles we have with ourselves. We watch people we admire and want to be more like them. We tell ourselves that tomorrow we will do this and that toward our goals and then we do nothing. We feel crippled. Stuck. Weak. Defeated. WTF?

I post this blog today as a first step away from self doubt and diminished confidence. Its my way to turn my ideas into action. I’m blogging again because I like to write. I find it therapeutic – I learned this when I wrote my late mother’s eulogy. I am blogging again because I want to.

Maybe this blog is a confession. Maybe it’s a declaration. Maybe its an internal call to action. I don’t know and I don’t think it matters.

I am reviving PCinYYC with a renewed focus. Much less about politics and much more about life. Life as an entrepreneur trying desperately and shamelessly to build a business around the lifestyle I want. Life as a dad to twin boys who wants to be a positive inspiration for those little bundles of amazingness. Life as a human being going through the constant ups and downs that define the human experience.

These are the things I will write about and I hope that you will join me in this journey. I hope that you will comment and share your thoughts, wisdom, struggles and achievements. I hope that together we can overcome and we can celebrate all of the greatness that has yet to be discovered.


3 #ableg predictions for 2016

The start to a new year wouldn’t be complete without a few provincial political predictions. Here are mine – based on 2015 observations.

In 2016 Albertans will watch …

… the MLA for Calgary-Bow, Deborah Drever, welcomed back to the NDP caucus.

For many this does not seem to be ground breaking but more and more we see this independent member being treated as if she never left the caucus. Her passed private member’s bill that was supported unanimously by the NDP caucus was the icing on the cake in 2015. The bill surfaced after a summer long road trip touring non-profits supporting vulnerable women, no doubt orchestrated by the NPD caucus after our Premier gave her a special assignment. The by-election saw Deborah become a NDP campaigner. And her swearing in was attended by and cheered on by a NDP caucus leader.

But, the less obvious, is a recent community newsletter article that social media politicos are obsessing over. The story the online army of conservatives is professing is the fact that Deborah “copied” a neighbouring MLA’s monthly article. I don’t see it that way. I worked in a constituency office and we would regularly get community related copy intended for newsletters. They were written centrally and many MLA office managers, including me, used the copy to supplement articles or even simply be the entire article. So no, I’m afraid Deborah didn’t copy her neighbouring MLA, she simply used the NDP caucus communications suggested newsletter content – and that’s the story. As an independent she shouldn’t have access to those communications but clearly she does. For the record I live in her constituency and my newsletter was different than the one referenced, which does further confirm the message was indeed a centrally crafted based on specific community needs. The last sign that she is already unofficially back in the fold, and the official announcement is imminent.

… the PC Party’s most progressive voice make a bold political move.

It’s been interesting to watch the PC Party grapple with two core components of the party – conservative and progressive. In order to win back the grassroots support it has lost they have to choose which grassroots support to focus on – those that have looked to the progressive side of the spectrum and are flirting with the Alberta Party or those that looked to right and are flirting with the Wildrose and a conservative merger. In a caucus of over 60 the voices that were considered the extremes of the party were often muted because of the wide range of voice representing the center. Now, with a fraction of those voices on the bench, the progressive voices have gotten louder and so have the conservative ones – which makes the vast differences of opinions in the party more obvious.

One voice has been particularly loud in recent months – unsupportive of a merger, loud on progressive issues, and a defender of the previous government’s social policy. I believe Sandra Jansen will make a bold political move to show her true progressive allegiance. The move will either be a floor crossing to the Alberta Party, which some have already predicted, or a decision to run for PC Party leader with a platform that will attempt to sway progressives back into the fold of the party. She would be the voice of anti-conservative reunification sympathizers.

… a by-election in Calgary-Mountain View.

Tragically Albertans will have to watch a by-election in Calgary-Greenway in 2016. But I believe we will see 2 elections when this writ drops. Calgarians will also go to the polls in Calgary-Mountain View. David Swann has been a true champion for the Liberal movement in Alberta for years and has publicly acknowledged he has considered retirement in the past. As the sole member of the Liberal Party caucus one can assume that he is working long hours but with the Liberals barely on Albertan’s radars those hours may not be paying off.

Plus how could we go one year without a provincial election in our province? Seems to be one of Alberta’s new political staples. J

It will be an interesting race to watch. My prediction for a winner? The Alberta Party. I believe the Alberta Party could attract a high profile candidate, like Matt Grant, who is fresh off a high profile federal campaign, and is maintaining his election ready social media presence.

There is no doubt that this will be another interesting year … policy changes, economic diversification (or attempts at), political protests, progressive movements, and conservative realignment.

It will be a ride – so put on your seatbelts and look forward to an eventful political year.


Jim Prentice is the Real Deal

I’m preparing for a presentation to my MBA class next week on the question: What should we know about ourselves to become better leaders?

As I prepare, I can’t help but be inspired by Premier Prentice as he navigates his way through the process of establishing himself as the leader of our province. While it’s only been a week since he’s been sworn in, it’s clear that when it comes to ability to lead, Mr. Prentice is the real deal.

As part of the research I conducted for this presentation, I came across an interesting study about the impact that “Authentic Leadership” has on “Psychological Ownership”. Short of getting into the heavy academic theory behind all of this, I can say that based on how my own feeling have suddenly become positive again towards the PC led government, this theory seems to resonate with me.

The study makes some general comments about authentic leadership, which it also correlates to the concept of “transformational leadership”. These include:

  • Authentic transformational leaders set personal examples, create a shared vision, take risks, promote trust and collaboration, and reward others for their accomplishments;
  • Authentic leaders are deeply aware of their values, emotions, goals, motives, strengths and weaknesses.

According to the study, psychological ownership is a natural feeling by individuals that is concerned with feelings of possession. The study goes on to say that when followers perceive leaders as authentic, they tend to display more organizational citizenship behaviours, commitment, satisfaction or performance. It also says that because open and truthful relationships are integral to authenticity it is reasonable to expect that authentic leaders fulfill the followers’ need to belong. Finally, and perhaps most encouraging for the PC Party and Caucus, the concept of “positive modelling” may result in followers identifying themselves with the leaders as a person.

So far during his short but action packed week as Alberta Premier, Mr. Prentice has certainly had this kind of impact on me and based on conversations I’ve had with many of my PC friends, I’m not alone in that feeling.

When it comes to the theory of authentic leadership, Premier Prentice seems to be the real deal. Of course it’s very early and only time will tell for sure, but so far I feel proud of my new leader and I hope the feeling not only continues, but deepens, matures and flourishes.

Thank you Mr. Prentice for bringing back that feeling of pride that was once associated with a PC led government – keep up the great work!


My open letter to Jim Prentice about the state of the PC Party

Dear Jim,

Can I call you Jim? I feel like you’re the kind of guy that would want me to call you Jim.

I don’t know if you remember me. I volunteered for you back when you were a federal MP – actually one afternoon during a membership drive in Frank Hickey’s office I met the love of my life. That’s a long story though, but I do hope to tell you in person one day. If you don’t remember me, that’s ok, just know that I still support you, and I support our Party. I’m a concerned Party supporter, and I have been for some time.

I know you’re really busy right now. There is a lot to do and people are expecting big things in the next two weeks. I’m excited; I get the sense you’re committed to the change in government people want to see.

Albertans are waiting – and Albertans are important to convince of the change. But I’m writing today to ask you to please not forget about the change our Party members are also waiting to see.

You see Jim, our last leader forgot about that. When our last leader had the political clout to come in and really shake things up at the party level she didn’t. Right now, you have the clout to ruffle feathers and get our ship in order. A ship we need in order to fight by-elections, and regular elections.

Our Party has served for over 40 years because of its strong grassroots. I remember being a teenager on Calgary-Shaw and being so excited to truly know that my voice mattered. I had incredible political mentors on that board, including the MLA, Cindy Ady, that encouraged me to always stand up for what I believe in, challenge the things that I didn’t, and to always push our Party to be the best it could be. As a board I believe we did that.

We have a grassroots problem Jim. Our grassroots don’t feel that excitement anymore because that’s missing.

I believe the culture of an organization changes as soon as a new leader shows up. It changes by their example.

After your example (which at this point I don’t think is an issue) it is important for you to show that you understand that there is a problem in our Party right now. I think you understand that and more importantly I think you will be committed to that. But please don’t wait too long to show your commitment.

Great leadership attracts other great leaders, that’s great. But I also believe that great leaders need to start by proactively recruiting other great leaders. We need a great team. And a great team doesn’t mean people that have surrounded this Party for years, and are loyal soldiers, and it certainly doesn’t mean that they have specific government experience. A great team for our Party means a group of people with complimentary skill-sets, passion, and experience. And I’m not talking about our caucus team (I believe you’re already dealing with that), I’m talking about our PCAA team including the positions in our Party office and on our Party Board of Directors. These positions shouldn’t be rewards or favors, they should be based on who can best do the job that we need them to do.

And I think we both know that the job we need them to do over the next 2 years is a big job. Volunteer or full time staff – both of these will be stretched to their maximum potential and that has to be what they expect. And they have to be excited about that … and willing to get their hands dirty. We don’t need more people telling us what to do, we need more people just doing it. And if they are excited that will trickle down and re-excite the grassroots.

Personally I don’t want the loyal soldier type at the top of our grassroots organization. I want people who are willing to ask questions, challenge, and push us in a new direction.

Jim, I’m going to be honest, that’s not happening right now. I’ve chatted with many, and have my own examples, but when the grassroots speaks up … speaks up with the purpose of bettering our Party … we’re told we’re hurting our Party, we don’t understand our Party, and we’re against our Party. Jim, if we were against our Party we’d be gone already to either the left or the right.

Something has kept us here – waiting – wanting change. Maybe it’s because we know that the culture of fear and punishment isn’t really what our Party is based on and that we were just waiting for a new leader to set a new example.

There are some important dates coming up that I’m sure your talented transition team has in mind, but I thought I’d remind you. I believe you can use these dates to start setting an example …. and a direction for our Party.

September 20 is our next PCAA Board of Directors meeting. This will be exciting – I wish I could be a fly on the wall. I hope that you will discuss the following and ensure that the Board communicates it in a public way back to the grassroots:

  •  A clear review of electronic voting: we aren’t asking for a review of the outcome, we need a review of the process. We need to learn from the blunders now so that we can do better next time. We need to show that we care that there were blunders in order to start healing the relationship with the thousands of people who wanted to participate and couldn’t. It’s not enough to say next time we’ll do better. Let’s do it now so we aren’t in a rush to do it when we need to. I hear there is a petition circulating asking for this to but has not been received by our Board well.
  • A clear review of the Leadership Election Committee: it’s not about reviewing who was on it but more the skillsets that were. What key roles did we miss and how can we ensure we have those next time? Let’s create a process surrounding this committee and set it in stone at the AGM. Let’s give the grassroots a reason to have confidence in our Party.
  • Staffing: time to have an honest discussion about who does what at the Party office. We have some true champions there, but we are missing skillsets. We need to have an honest conversation about who fills what roles. We need a leader in the office with a background in non-profits or associations with a board structure. We don’t need someone with a government background, or inexperienced folks with Party loyalties. We need qualified individuals. We need an open competition for some roles, and we need your leadership and connections to help make recommendations to the Board for others.
  • The Board: I hope you’ll have an honest conversation with the Board about their own roles. I know you’re having those conversations with caucus – who goes, who stays, who represents the future, who has the skills we need to be successful, who needs to move aside for the next generation (not necessarily younger, but fresher)? I love that you’re having those conversations, that shows you are the leader we need. Please ask those same questions of those that stood, or want to stand, for election of our PC Board. The directors in place are as important as our caucus team if we want to continue to be successful.

Speaking of the Board that’s the other important date, September 26 is the deadline to submit a nomination for the 2014/2015 PCAA Executive Board. This date seems to be flying under the radar. But Jim, we need good people to run for these roles. And not good as in nice, but good as in strong, charismatic, skilled, experienced, passionate, that bring both strategy and the ability to execute the strategy to the table. These people are volunteers, yes, but they need to be committed to YOUR vision for our Party, and they need to be people the grassroots can count on to question, challenge, encourage, and empower.

Empower … this is the big one.

Our Party engine hasn’t been empowering volunteers. But you can change that.

Empower the grassroots by asking those you feel are qualified to step up and run in the executive races. Some may say that those who want to run will just run, but it’s my experience with volunteer management that you really do have to ask. It means a lot when you ask someone, and have a conversation with them, about a position you’d like them to take on. They take it seriously, and it creates accountability. And if you are leading by that example they will act the same – they will in turn empower those around them by asking them to do small (or large) meaningful tasks to help our Party.

We need to get back to that. Many hands make for light work – and there is a lot of work.

Please empower us. Empower our Party and don’t forget to set the example and start shifting the way our Party has been doing business.

Please ask people – ask people to do things – if you do it will make us stronger, and it will help the grassroots to realize how important it actually is. Set the example so we can get back to being excited about asking questions and making our Party better.

Please don’t forget to not only shake up government, caucus, and cabinet, but shake up your Party.

I’ll be watching with anticipation.

The Freedom to Express my Thoughts

I’ve remained quiet online regarding the recent events of #ableg. Like many PC Party members I haven’t really been sure what to say. I’m embarrassed but also on the edge of my seat waiting to see what’s next.

Today it became apparent that I can no longer keep quiet.

Today Jim McCormick, PC Party President, held a press conference and said this:

“I don’t think people should be disciplined for their thoughts or expressing them.”

This is offensive to me. Why? Because I have been disciplined by this Party for expressing my thoughts.

It started with a blog I wrote about being invited and then uninvited to the 2013 budget  – you’ll notice that blog is gone from the site – but I know many of you remember reading it. I wrote that this wasn’t good practice in terms of volunteer retention and how frustrating it was to be removed from the invitee list just days before an event without any legitimate reason as to why. In the end I was offered a ticket to attend by the Leader of the Opposition. I accepted and attended.

That blog was posted the afternoon of March 6, 2013. I received a call that evening to let me know that “I had made my point” and it was time to remove it. I removed it. I did it out of respect for the individual that called. The next morning I actually received a phone call from the Premier’s Chief of Staff over my ticket. He apologized to me for the mix-up. True example of the squeaky wheel … and I truly appreciated it. For me that particular issue was resolved.

But then a few minutes later, this is what I received from the Party.

A letter of censure explaining to me that my “blog crossed a serious line” and I needed to give “second thought prior to any communications that may reflect negatively on either the Party or our Leader.”

Sending letters like these to your members is the exact opposite of encouraging people to express their thoughts.

I have been a long time advocate of #changefromwithin for the PC Party. But as Donna Kennedy-Glans pointed out yesterday … I’m just not sure that’s possible.


Meet our Friend Matt

The New Year got me thinking … we have a ton of new MLAs (can we still call them new?) sitting in the Alberta Legislature … we don’t necessarily know a lot about them … which leads to my excuse for a new series (hopefully) of blogs. A New Year featuring New MLAs.

First on the list? Our friend Matt.

Peter and I met Matt Jeneroux, Alberta’s MLA of Edmonton-Southwest, before the 2012 provincial election. He attended the nomination workshop we were hosting on behalf of the PC Party. He stood out in the room. I remember standing at the front of the room looking at those that were learning about the process and wondering who might go on to become MLAs. Matt was an excellent choice by the constituents of Edmonton-Southwest.

Since that day Peter and I have gotten to know Matt and consider him a friend. He is strategic, dedicated, hard working  … and thoughtful. Peter and I received the loveliest (“official”) letter from Matt after we got married – I must admit that the inner political geek in me was quite excited about having something like that grace our mailbox but the words written and sentiment behind it truly demonstrate the type of individual Matt is – gracious, kind-hearted, and, like I said, thoughtful! Perhaps a side of a MLA you don’t often hear about or get to see.

Matt always seems to be up to something new. Give him a follow on Twitter or check out his website. He has quite an impressive schedule. My favourite of his posts? The photos of him visiting schools and students in his constituency – making a positive impact on Alberta’s next generation. He’s quite active online – keeping Albertans posted on his goings-on, tweeting directly with those that have concerns, and sharing information not only about government but the things that matter to his community. Like this one from yesterday:

We asked Matt a few questions to start off 2014 so Albertans could get to know him better. His answers are in italics.

Why did you choose to get involved in politics?
It was a decision I made after a lot of thought & consideration. I have 2 young daughters and I want to ensure they have every opportunity to grow up in a remarkable Alberta like I was able to do. I want them and their generation to have pride in a province that is quite simply the envy of the world. I want them to be able to say, “I’m from Alberta” anywhere in the world and be proud to say it!

What did you do before you were a MLA?
I worked for the Federal Government as a Policy Advisor.

What is your favourite part about being an MLA? 
The opportunity to have a voice for our generation, specifically opportunities like being on Treasury Board. Also being the youngest government caucus member, I often get to provide a viewpoint from our generation and add insight as a single dad raising a young family. It’s a tough balance sometimes where I have to bring my two daughters to a number of meetings but I’m hopeful hard work and sacrifice will help to give us a voice at the decision making tables.

What is the number 1 issue you are passionate about in our constituency? 
A few issues have really stood out for me. As of recently, being able to speak about and provide insight on our changing interprovincial and international relations has been quite interesting. I have a very forward thinking constituency with a lot of young families who are passionate about Alberta’s place in the world. I’ve been able to bring a proactive and forward thinking discussion about our future to the table on a variety of topics which I’ve had the luxury of chatting with my constituents about again and again!

Oh, and of course the continued growth pressures and the high demands for increased infrastructure i.e. New Schools

And, any New Year resolutions?
Hopefully avoid the stigma of overweight & unhealthy politicians and continue to go to the gym often… even if it means at 11:30pm after evening sittings!

Good luck in 2014 Matt! We’re watching (especially that 2014 resolution) and looking forward to all you’ll accomplish as government’s youngest member (which is an accomplishment in itself) … thanks for representing your constituents, our generation, and most of all for your friendship.

– CP