When I wrote ‘Little Girl with Big Plans’ six years ago I don’t think I could have imagined all that would have transpired leading me to the point where I’m sitting and writing this today.

I’ve had many political ups and downs; many professional highs and lows; and my partnership with Peter has certainly developed into quite the adventure story.

I still very much believe in the mantra of what I wrote below – but now I get to proudly say, “I’m a mom of two boys – and I want to make this province great for them, and great for our family.” And, while I still very much believe I am a political animal, I’ve also blossomed into an entrepreneur.

While I can’t confidently call myself a little girl anymore, I still can confidently say I will be famous someday 😉 … I’m leaving my mark and sharing my opinions hoping they will inspire change in an individual or in a community.


Little Girl with Big Plans
(written in 2010)

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I was the future of this province I would be a rich woman. I think hearing that so many times is what really inspired me to get involved with politics. I realized quickly that I had to be the change that I wanted to see; I had to set the example that I wished to see in my elected representatives; I could ask tough questions because as a voter, as a citizen, it was my duty.

And that is where you will find my passion. I’m passionate about engagement. I’m curious about what makes individuals get involved, stay involved, and turn sour. My Undergraduate Honours thesis focused on University Students’ Union governments in Alberta – would social media help to engage campuses of over 20,000 students? My MA thesis in Communications Studies explored the concept of deliberative and electronic democracies. Could online communication tools (like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook) change private individuals into public engaged citizens? My conclusion – YES!

And my future involves showing people how passionate I am about getting involved IN the process and being a part of making the change in this province we all talk about every day. And along the way I hope to help people find their own passions, whether they are left or right on the political spectrum and get excited about talking about them, and doing something about them. I like being a part of a province that strives to respect, nurture, and encourage “little girls” like me to be the best I can, and yell and stomp my feet until I catch someone’s attention and a change is made.

Remember my name … I’ll be famous someday.

That being said – I’m quite the marsh-mellow on the inside … and enjoy nights in playing cards with @ppilarski.

CP xo

6 thoughts on “Hers

  1. I could not be found on the Internet 3 years ago, but a friend said to me “if you start your own business you need to open up your life to the public”. So I did and it has been great for me and my business.
    Keep up the great work and if I may, please vote for Barb she will be a breath of fresh air to this town!

  2. Cristina – I have been following and trying to learn about the PC leadership race, and in participating in the upcoming elections. I tripped over your and Peter’s tweets and your website as I was reading Doug Griffith’s materials. I don’t know how to get more involved other than to sign up on his website or to donate money (both of which are fine but not really making the difference). I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I contacted you to ask how you suggest people get involved – sometimes it really seems like a pretty closed club. I also live in Calgary and am keenly interested to help. I would appreciate your thoughts – my email address is available to touch base if you prefer. Kind regards, Patty

    1. Patty – I am so excited to here that you are interested in helping out with Doug’s leadership run. He is an exciting candidate and there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. Could you please email info@betteralberta.ca? Just include your contact information, including the area of the city you live in. Keep the weekend of March 19 open as we are having a volunteer “CampaignCamp” … details will be emailed to interested volunteers in the coming days. Looking forward to meeting you and working with you! CR

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