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About the Training

Why Choose Modern Media Training?

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, effective media interaction is crucial. Christina Pilarski’s modern media training is designed to help you:

Build Confidence

Build Confidence

Learn to face the camera with ease and engage your audience naturally.

Be Authentic

Master Authenticity

Deliver your key messages in a way that feels true to you, avoiding robotic or scripted responses.

Gain Practical Skills

Gain Practical Skills

Master where to look, what to wear, and how to communicate effectively across various media platforms.

Our Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach to Media Training

Christina Pilarski’s modern media training is not about handling a microphone in your face; it’s about mastering the art of communication in today’s digital age. Our training includes:

  • On Screen Training: Interactions today are mostly in front of a screen. We focus on setting you up for video call/interview success.
  • Personalized Sessions: One-on-one training to address your specific needs and build your confidence.
  • Comprehensive Workshop: Half-day session that covers key message delivery, non-verbal communication, and real-life application.
  • Ongoing Support: Post-training resources, including tip sheets and personalized feedback from your sessions, to coaching before your next media interview, and more.
Our Unique Approach

Modern Media Training: My Story

My journey started terrified, but I created modern media training so no one else would feel like I did. Modern media training will transform your media presence.

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Key Benefits

Who Can Benefit from Modern Media Training?

  • Board Members: Enhance your ability to convey key messages effectively.
  • Executive Teams: Prepare for high-stakes media interactions and crisis situations.
  • Seasonal Teams: Equip your team with the skills and confidence to communicate your brand’s key messages.
  • Current Employees: Empower employees not only in media interactions but also in creating other forms of video content.
  • Organization-Wide Messaging: Practice and unify key messages across the organization to ensure consistency and clarity.
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