Saturday Night Alive with Host Len Webber

To date, this blog has focussed on the exciting municipal election which, starting tomorrow, will drastically change life in our beautiful city no matter which candidate wins.  But the longer-term premise behind our blog is life as a provincially involved political couple.  PCinYYC is about Peter and Christina – Progressive Conservatives; political commentators; and proud Canadians – in Calgary.

Last night, we were proud to be PC in YYC!

As President of the Calgary Foothills PC Association I am extremely biased when I tell you that our fundraiser last night was a resounding success.  But Saturday Night Alive with Host Len Webber received great reviews.  And I have been to enough fundraising events in my life to know when something feels like it worked out.

But the real story behind this event is about people – an incredible group of volunteers, fantastic performers, a friendly, diverse crowd and Len Webber.

No matter what your political stripe, if you have met Len Webber you know that he is one of the kindest, most caring and truly special people you will ever meet.  I can write a whole blog about Len, but suffice it to say that I am President of his board out of sheer respect.  He is soooooooo easy to support!

Len and Peter “Weekend Update”

I strongly believe in karma.  And my gut tells me that everything good flows from Len’s captivating humanistic qualities.  I think this is why the volunteers on the Calgary Foothills PC Association Board are such a great group of people.   They all believe in and care for Len.

Last night was extra special because PC Party President, Bill Smith, joined us to present the 2010 Alberta PC Party Volunteer of the Year Award to our most beloved volunteer – Mary Davis.   I am so thrilled that Mary Davis won this award.  The story she told us about why she volunteers for the PC party is powerful.  The amount of time and effort she gives proves her sincerity.  Watching Mary accept that award and listening to her story made me incrediblyproud to be an Alberta Progressive Conservative.

Mary Davis accepts PC Volunteer of the Year Award

While Mary’s contribution was invaluable, last night took the effort and good will of a lot of people.  My hat is off to the fundraising committee, co-chaired by Lou Winthers and Joan Black.  The work put in by every person on this committee contributed to the night’s success.  And it was a ton of work.  The Committee wanted something different from your standard political event and I’m confident every person there felt they got that.

Taking in unforgettable Aboriginal Entertainment

We did a spoof of Saturday Night Live, complete with guests, performances, a “weekend update” and Nitelife – the Saturday Night Alive band.  I can’t believe how well it all worked out.  Len was the host and I was the MC.  We were unrehearsed, which made the “show” that much more fun.  

I think back to Len running around the stage looking for the Aboriginal performers.  That was a great moment in the evening.  Who can forget the little aboriginal girl entertaining the crowd with her balloons while her elders, dressed in their impressive garb, sang beautiful traditional songs about their heritage and their connection to the earth?  She was so precious.  The round dance, the Honour song that our friends from Treaty 7 played for Len, and the words and symbols of respect that were shared between everybody there was really special.  As an added touch, each guest received a dream catcher that was hand made by a volunteer from the Stardale Group.  I think the committee did an excellent job celebrating Len’s portfolio and including so many wonderful people from the Aboriginal community.  I was so honoured to be sitting with Elder Ruby Eagle Child and Michaela Wight from Stardale Group.  I was also honoured to be sitting with @crontynen but that should go without saying J.

Traditional Aboriginal Dance

Once the Aboriginal performances ended, we had about 45 minutes with comedian Jebb Fink.  He was bang on.  He gave us a delightful mix of planned jokes and improv, as well as political satire and his social commentary.  He was a real pro and the perfect addition to the night.  He had the crowd laughing at every joke he said and eagerly participating in his program.  It was awesome!

Jebb Fink

The evening concluded with music from the Saturday Night Alive band, Nitelife.  While they didn’t get to play a long set, they had people dancing from the first song.  Guests on the dance floor were having a good time – you could tell.  The band has a significant Calgary Foothills connection through their bass player, Don Wilson, a Past President and current Board Member.  What a perfect ending to a perfect evening.  I would recommend Nitelife for any event.

Friends, that was the night as I saw it.  I had a lot of fun.  The guests had fun and think Len enjoyed himself too.  Saturday Night Alive with Host Len Webber was a humanistic night for a really great person, and I am so proud that I was able to be a part of it.  I would like to thank the 250 plus guest that shared the night with us.  I would like to thank our sponsors and donors for their generous contributions.  I would like to thank @crontynen for being such an amazing partner and supporter of mine.  And I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Last night confirms why I belong to the PC Party – the people.  We are a Party of people from all walks of life but we know how to come together.  We know how to support each other and we know how to have fun.  We are progressive and conservative, pragmatic and compassionate.     The PC party is me (P) and C in YYC.

Peter and Christina