The Trouble with Twibbons

Last Saturday night was like any other for P&C. We got home, retired to the kitchen table and started talking about the PC party over a game of cards. Don’t worry we talked about other things too – but our conversation ended with musing about the party and the “trouble” each of us had caused on twitter earlier in the week.

We get crazy ideas when it comes to twitter and politics – especially on Saturday nights at the kitchen table after a few vodka sodas.

Our latest idea? The #pcaa twibbon!

It was harder than it looked – we quickly realized we were not graphic designers. Big thanks to @MinisterJono and @MLATedMorton for coming out supporting the twibbon right away … loved Fake Ted’s comment that we had to figure out the program so the twibbon wasn’t covering his gorgeous face. We agreed … we happen to want to show off our own mugs too.

Thank goodness @tjamesclement came home shortly after … he essentially worked all night and all morning to get something up that didn’t cover up a standard profile picture.

Now we are asking for your help. Support #pcaa – and support us. Can you do better? That was almost rhetorical. We will keep you posted on our progress and can’t wait until we are all sporting shiny #pcaa twibbons.

In the mean time let’s get this one up and start collaborating on how to improve it.

Let’s show our PC colours on Twitter & let’s start engaging!